• Mentoring and Guidance for Learning to live, dream and experience your life, deeply connected and conscious in each moment.

    Reality Based Spirituality

  • What Is Reality Based Spirituality?

    We are living someone else's dream virtually by the fact that we are influenced, impressed and raised by parents and a culture of agreement. At our core our desire is to fit in.


    Reality based spirituality is ......


    Mastering the Moment in a gentle yet profound way. The experience of our working together will give you such a deep connection to everything you are doing in life. It creates breathing easier, feeling more connected, loving your circumstances, and accepting who you are and who other people are. You will feel peaceful about every step of your day and walk moment to moment into consciousness and sacred living with grace.


    My promise to you: You've been wanting your world to change and the processes I will take you through will easily and gently transform you and create a new state of being in your life.


    A client recently said to me . . ."You said I wouldn't recognize myself in a year and I don't, I'm so much more real in my life, and joyful."


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  • Single Session Topics to Inspire Change

    Healing Sessions -Reiki, Conscious Language, Manifesting, Universal Energy
    • Sex, Sensuality
    • Sacred Living
    • Reiki
    • Feng Shui for Home, Office, Cars, Gardens
    • Essential Oils
    • Conscious Language
    • Living in Oneness
    • Manifesting
    • Meditation
    • Clearings/Blessings
    • Universal Energy
    • Cards of Destiny
    • Trauma Awareness & Release

    Single Sessions are $250 or 2 for $350

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    My commitment to you, based on years of serving the worried mind - Session prices are always accommodating need and ability to pay.

    Weekly and bi-weekly sessions with ShaznaJai

    What to expect in a session

    Sessions usually take 45-60 mins and are weekly or bi-monthly. Sessions are done consistently, for highest results. You'll have unlimited email access and quick phone calls for answers to spontaneous issues as they arise.


    The biggest changes require the biggest commitment and learning how to CHANGE the patterns of 'giving up' or 'settling' and 'separation' which is no longer an option in our lives.


    Sessions are in the moment. There is always something important happening in each moment, as a priority, that will lead you to the perceptive shift that is needed. Much more clears up than if we come together from a list or the mind's ideas. Each moment we are together is filled with divine intelligence and my skills and experience.


    When you leave your session you feel renewed, energized, lighter, clear and grounded - ready to move ahead.


    Results from your sessions become exciting because more of your heart is available for new life opportunities that are naturally yours.


    My commitment to you, based on years of serving the worried mind - Session prices are always accommodating need and ability to pay.


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  • Who is Shayna Jai?

    Spiritual Mentor, Advanced Oneness Trainer, Feng Shui practitioner, Reiki Master, Speaker and Author

    Shazna Jai - Spiritual teacher

    Shayna Jai

    My passion and mission is to serve humanity's evolution reaching the soul essence of each person through tools techniques and skills in consciousness, peace, sustainability and sacred living. I have 20+ years in service and look forward to meeting and working with you.

    • When you are ready to instantly relieve (and eliminate) your physical, emotional & existential spiritual pain, I am here for you.
    • When you know you are ready to have the next level happen in your life, I am here for you.
    • When you know that next level requires guidance, new perspectives, releasing of old patterns, habits and beliefs, and passionate commitment, I am here for you.
    • When you allow yourself to choose a professional coach, which gives you instant results, rather than therapy, I am here for you.

    When you are making that kind of commitment to yourself and your life, you will seek appropriate guidance, I am here for you.

    Shazna Jai - spiritual teacher

    Training & Certificates

    Spiritual teacher and student for over 30 years

    • Trusted by over 13,000 people in more than 20 years of one-one and group experiences.
    • Reiki Master Teacher with more than 100 students and over a dozen master teachers.
    • Advanced Oneness Trainer with more than 200 initiates worldwide.
    • Certified by Coaches Training Institute in San Francisco
    • Course in Miracles student, self study, over 10 years.
    • Melchizedek Priestess, ordained in 1996.
    • Co-Created Crystalline Clearings with divine Guides, 2009. Upgraded through the years and recently to Spectraline Clearings 2017.
    • Have trained with Native American Shamans and Medicine Men in Sedona, Kahuna Priest and Priestesses in Hawaii and Masters of Ancient Wisdom in India.

    I have been training and studying with my spiritual master teachers at Oneness University since 2006. Through many processes I have been initiated into the rays of the universal energies, received all my senses awakened and been living in Oneness since 1997.

  • What People Say . . .

    Lori, Hawaii

    "You are a powerful exemplary healer. I have had some wonderful breakthroughs with your sessions and I feel so much better. You are so awesome!💖💞💗💓💜 I'm healing and have been using the tools I have learned from you. The divine works in wonderful ways I could never have imagined. I am learning to trust in myself again and looking at those beliefs". Thank you💙

    Vibha, Oregon

    "Shayna is a multidimensional and gifted facilitator. She is very supportive, encouraging and instrumental in assisting me with moving forward. Her warmth, humor and compassion lightened my mental obstacles and are helping to free up my expansion. Thank you Shayna!"

    Linda, Minnesota

    "I recently did the Oneness Coaching Program with Shayna Jai . During this time I released grief after the death of my beloved (that I had been holding onto), learned truths that offered comfort that no matter what that God /Grace is always present and holding me. I learned to perceive this life with a new set of eyes. The final session provided me with a mission statement for my life purpose, something that has eluded me and have been in pursuit of for a lifetime! Now it is your turn! I highly recommend this teacher and coach for inviting profound change in your life!"

    Marty, California

    "I am so indebted to you. Our session so cleared my life with My Dad, he died knowing his only Son finally understood him and loved Him. I said goodbye and he passed away in his sleep at 95. You freed me from an invisible bond. My sincere gratitude."

    David, Oregon

    "You told me I wouldn’t know myself in one year . . . well I don’t and I’m so happy”


    "I am so grateful for my work with Shayna! She helped me re-align with Spirit in a deeply profound way. I felt an amazing shift in my body, mind, and -- most importantly -- my heart that I still feel today. She is a jewel and a true gift! "

    Joyce, No. California

    "When I started talking to Shayna I had a selective memory, i sense i was vague in my connection to myself and spirit I sense more continuity now also more steadiness, more time on the inside of me and it's not worrisome attention like it used to be. yep...from worrisome to steadier confidence. Divine is connected to Divine, Divine is me, Divine expressing. Plays out as lots more active doing than thinking about doing. My life is more of a flow now. What comes through works better than what i was thinking - sweet." 

    Patricia, Oregon

    "Beyond being a coach and mentor for enlightenment, Shayna demonstrates an inexhaustible ability to determine the needs in any situation and then provide both verbal and technical solutions." 

    Patricia, Bay Area, CA

    Patricia Cogley

    Director of Education at GreaterGood.org


    Shayna came to my home to offer Feng Shui to my unorganized home. I found fantastic results. My work is more rewarding, and my family relationships are so much better than they were. Shayna is a fantastic listener, very responsive, and has her clients highest goals in mind,

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