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Comfort in Times of Change

Ways to comfort yourself during times of change

Eat healthy comfort foods. Include lots of good oils like coconut, ghee and castor. This will give you a nice feeling of fullness. Feed your body what will give you new cells that speak your true self to the old cells that are sluffing off. Don't cheat on yourself.

Rest when your body says it needs rest. Avoid overwork, pushing through the day and worry about things that are not up to you to figure out. When you lay down to rest, empty your mind of the day by giving gratitude to all that happened and more gratitude to yourself for doing the best you can, ask for help with the rest.

Breathe Deeply. Sometimes change can cause the body to slump or shallow breathe because there is so much going on. So, when you feel this take some conscious breaths and say your favorite mantra (I am here now) or, i love you, for 3 breaths. Do this often during your day to help stay present and clear.

Watch the way you explain your situation, Every Word is a Prayer, so you are constantly speaking your truth without complaining about it. Your words go directly to the God of your understanding. Example, 'everything is so hard' could be 'I'm learning how to handle hard things in my life'.

Help someone else. When you feel hopeless or helpless, look for others to help. A simple smile, or opening a door for someone, or offering a hand with a simple task won't take any energy from you to do but will give you mounds of good karma back. When you are open to this, it will show up for you to say 'i can help you with that'.

Be tender and gracious to yourself. Go slower than you think you need to. I can promise you that life will continue to flow (well) without you if you slow down. You do not have to be in charge of everything you think. Being slower can allow for conscious choice in each moment, a chance to express your true self rather than a reaction. And can give you a moment to breathe and actually see what is true for you before you speak or act.

Have Gratitude. Whatever you water, blossoms, right? When you give gratitude to others in your life, yourself and recognizing that the God of your understanding is with you ALL the time and can begin to see the ways things work out without you working so hard or having to pay attention to so many details or berate yourself for missing some details, you will see just how precious you truly are and are honored for being alive.

Drink more clear pure water than you think you can. This helps to flush out old toxins that store in fatty areas and cells that are ready to slough off. This is very important to overall health and vital energy.

Last, ask for help. Whenever, whereever and whatever you need. People are usually open to hear and provide whatever they can for you. Ask for a hug or a conversation with tender listening. Have big gratitude for your friends and family willing to help you in times of need and any time.

from my book 50 Feet in 4 Seconds, the True Story of a Leap of Consciousness and Ultimate Health.

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