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Finding Purpose

Fulfillment takes Tenacity Persistence and Faith

People still ask me when they will know their purpose for being here. This is what guidance has shared with me to share with you.


Your divine intelligence is turned on ALL THE TIME. It seems that you cannot hear it because of all the mind chatter that is in the way. Sort of like a swinging door, when it's open you hear it, when it is closed (the minds is busy), you don't.


So let's say you get an idea (door is open) and you get excited about it, feeling lots of good energy about giving your gifts in some form. You start this idea into motion. You talk to people, hear their feedback. You get business cards and register the name of the business (or purpose). Along the way, and ALL THE TIME, your mind is busy taking you down roads of pro's and con's. These are past based. When people say something negative about your new idea, you register that along with your own negative thoughts. Maybe a parent said 'you'll never make it doing that' and others seem to worry for you taking a risk to step out there. The door begins to close. All of a sudden, your great ideas energy has just gone from excited to worried. It can happen so quick your confidence will plummet and you wonder why you thought that was a good idea.


What it takes to actually fulfill your own passion, mission and purpose in this life is - TENACITY, PERSISTENCE AND FAITH. Yes your divine intelligence will give you many inspirations, but the ONE that you will have great excitement for will propel you into a deeper version of yourself to fulfill it. It will take standing strong, listening to your own guidance for each next step and trusting that it is correct, even without proof. This is called TRUSTING the process.


Here is the greatest gift of all, when you continue with FAITH on your new idea, you will keep learning about how faith works in your life and you will get more of it. Now, that's exciting. It will make you a better person. It will teach you life lessons that you've needed to learn to get where you want to be. And, along the way - you will fulfill your purpose for being here. There is no school that gives you a diploma for that!


Mastering the moment takes TENACITY, PERSISTENCE and FAITH! This is not for the weak hearted. But it's the weak at heart who keep asking why they don't have their purpose. They do, they just haven't said YES to it. The kind of 'yes' that makes their life turn around and become useful to others. The kind of 'yes' that will never stop you - no matter what! The kind of 'yes' that gives you so much love in return it will mystify you and make your head spin.


We need you NOW to take your purpose and run with it. Get your support system in place and GO FOR IT!

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