With all the fires consistently burning over the last week, I look to nature’s message for us. What is the fire’s insistent burn saying to us?

I woke this morning with a correlation to the word transformation. We as humans have the most energy, or inertia, to make this world a better place. And yet, what do we do with it?

Many years ago we used the word transformation meaning (in healing) an alchemical change on a cellular basis to create a better environment in our internal system to function on a higher scale – a scale and will help to make the world a better place, starting with ourselves.

Today, I see that transformation happening. Happening every day, in every way, large and small, doesn’t matter, it’s happening.

The fires are saying – move your energy in the direction of good. They are saying take the time to focus internally on what motivates you and make a promise to yourself to keep that fire lit to change yourself for the better. This is cellular change.

Because the fires won’t go away, it’s a sign of nature to remind us to be present in each moment, pay deep attention to what is happening and take action to allow ‘fears to melt’ and ‘right action’ to take place. The fires (in nature) will diminish as the internal power increases, watch it happen, but the internal fire will flame and help you to keep any fears in a sacred place to motivate you to ‘right action’ in your life and be honest and bold.

I say transformation is happening, happened, by each of us being aware of what we can do to stay present, be honest with ourselves and take stock of what is happening, face the fears and be bold enough to move in a direction that will make you and the world a better place.

The direction you move in may be in the same place you are but bringing a higher integrity to each interaction you have, like, making sure you are saying what you truly need to say in a respectful way and watch things shift around you. Or, you may make a change that is needed and you have waited, hesitated, but the fire in your belly is growing. When you feel that, it’s time to make the change. Be brave, bold and honor your promise of loving yourself.

Namaste to all, with deep respect and love.

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