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Myth Busting the new age


Here is what New Age has taught us about affirmations.

  • That we have to be/think positive, or turn every thought into a positive one. 
  • That if you only use mind over matter, you will win in life.
  • That you can change your circumstances by simply saying a statement that is opposite from what is happening.

Affirmations are not about positive thinking, there are not about mind over matter, they are not about changing your circumstances so that things become better. These are only more lies we continue to tell ourselves that contribute to our illusion of life and then when we are in a natural cycle of feeling unwell or frustrated or disappointed about our life, we take the cosmic hammer and beat ourselves up!

These cycles are very natural to the human experience. What you truly see during this time can affect how you get through it, and you will get through it, you always do, right? And because you always get through it, when you feel this you can say to yourself “I’m getting through this natural cycle with (love or honor or by telling myself the truth) for myself” and keep saying it with passion and knowing THIS IS MY TRUTH!

Affirmations are an affirmative statement that connects you with your divine. Your God, your faith, your devotion, that place inside of you where you have full and complete disclosure to be exactly the way you are. That is; integrity that you have naturally with your divine self. This is always there and we have been ignoring it (going unconscious to it) all these years and allowing it to run without noticing. Now is the time to be super conscious of our thoughts and that they are running our life!

So when you affirm yourself, when you say an affirmation - make it a whole body experience. Feel it in your body, know in your heart that you are connected with your truth and your faith as you say your affirmation and you say it with the gusto and passion of what the truth is for you in your life.

I am loved. I am worthy. I am important. I am valued.

Get up, move physically, do a dance, scream it and allow your body (cells) to move with your truth and make that connection.

If you are thinking of your life as down trodden, stressed out, never going to get anywhere, not good enough, don’t have enough money or that you are not getting what you want in life, that will take you into a downward cycle. This cycle is happening internally, maybe unconsciously, but you feel it. Wake Up to it! Your inner critic is at play and you are allowing it to be real, but it isn’t real, is it?

When you are listening and believing your inner critic, you are not having faith, right? Yet, you allow this to happen. Getting conscious of what your inner critic says to you is your programming, conditioning and an illusion that you live. IT IS NOT THE TRUTH of who you are, it is one experience that you are having.

This is a really important distinction of what affirming your life is. You are affirming your faith in yourself, your abilities, that you are good in the world, that you are right, that you are doing the best you can, that there’s no one to blame, life happens and circumstances happen and YOU are doing everything you can to resolve all of life’s problems that you encounter.

That last sentence is an affirmation.

So, try this on for an affirmation for yourself for a few days and see what happens. And remember to give it all the gusto you can muster within you.

“Everything I do takes me one step closer to resolving . . . Here you would add what is happening . . . my problems, my stress, my relationships and you may be vague at first, but as you progress, become more specific, for example ‘bringing love back into my relationship with my spouse’, ‘seeing my actions as success during the day and making me money’, ‘resolving my own conflict with not having enough’, ‘resolving my conflict with my own self worth’, or/and ‘my inner conflict with blame and guilt’.

So what you see begins to move you forward in life rather than frighten you.

What you are doing is talking to your most precious self that has been waiting for you to recognize how highly evolved and connected to divine (all the time) you are and showing you that you do have faith and you are affirming that faith in your proclamation toward yourself.

Know how loved you truly are.

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