You’ve heard about the sixth sense, that knowing/intuition that we all have that some use more than others. Some know when and how to use at a moment’s notice and others are oblivious to it. The people who are oblivious, still believe only in taste, touch, scent, hearing and seeing and even then usually use, at the most, two of the physical five senses.


Well there is a lot more to us than just those senses. I’ve discovered that there is a seventh sense . . . I’ll call it ‘open’.


The more we use it the most it’s available to us.


Just imagine that we are born with more than meets the eye. Imagine that some of those feelings, senses, and subtle thoughts you have are real and that if you followed them without hesitation or resistance, your life just might be more of what you would like it to be.


Have you ever wondered how celebrities become so famous? Have you ever thought of something that wasn’t in your physical world, that you wanted? How does it actualize? Yes, I’m talking about the daydreams or imaginings that felt like a really good idea but you didn’t think you could do it, so you let it fade from your existence only to find a few years later someone else thought of it, and brought it to market, and, made a million dollars or more! Did you miss the boat? The feeling is yes and internal blame ensues.


Personally I have many stories that might have changed my life if I were Open. I will share two of them right now. One when I was about 13. I had a portable hair dryer, if you can remember, geez I’m dating myself, the ones that were round like a small suitcase and inside was a small motor driven heating unit that blew into a long tube and attached to a large plastic head piece that would go over rollers. Well, I used to wear my long hair straight in those days, so after I washed my hair I would take out that portable hairdryer and brush and blow my hair dry. There was no such thing as a blow dryer at that time. By the time I was 16, they were mass marketed as a hand held unit much like what we see today, but only for professionals. It was many years later that home blow dryers were available and affordable for the general public.


Another time around the same age I liked my nails to grow really long. At best all that was available in the marketing was nail polish and polish remover. When my nails would get to a certain length they would begin to crack and I thought how can I keep them strong. I would put layers of nail polish on them, but that wasn’t reliable. Then one day I searched the house for some glue. Yes, elmers! I put it on my cracked edge, polished over it and voila, stronger nails. Again, a few years later, nail glue emerges into the market place.


I tell you these stories because I believe in human potential and that each one of us has something special within our systems beyond our five senses. Our sixth sense, that is called extra sensory perception, includes spontaneous knowledge that wasn’t taught to you. It’s innate. You didn’t have to learn it, it came with your human form. Intuition and a ‘knowing’ come equipped with the body’s intelligence. The ability to use this sense along with your five senses, heightens your life’s imaginings, therefore heightening what comes to you, following the Law of Attraction.


Jean Houston’s life work is based on living a heightened sense of awareness. Upon learning this, I began to be downloaded with information I had never heard before which is the impetus of this missive. The seventh sense of open, openness or opening also comes equipped with our human form. It is that sense that can reach for heights outside of the body. Imagined. Visioned. Dreamed. I believe artists of all kinds live in this world and therefore bring us their form called artwork. Musicians also live in this world as well as dancers, inventors, (fill in a few more) this world to them is their access to open. It’s a receiving of information, a download, if you will, but you have to be willing, trusting and open to receive! This is the key.


Note: This article was written in August of ’09. In September of ’09 I was downloaded with the gift from the heavens of Crystalline Clearings to support humanities Awakening . . . and I trusted, was willing and open to receive it. My life has completely changed because of this event.

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